Sharp LCDs

Sharp revealed a 108-inch LCD panel. It was 1080p of course, and while no price was mentioned, you can bet on it costing more than a little. It should be available this summer.

They also talked about their D92 series, some of which is shipping now, that all have a 120Hz refresh rate and are 1080p. Sizes range from 42 ($3,500 in April) to 65 ($11,000 in March) with 46 ($4,200) and 52 ($5,300) in-between.

Also announced was a $1,200 Blu-ray player and updated projectors called the XV-Z3100 which is 720p at $2,700 and the DT-510 which is also 720p but only $2,500.

Update: Having now seen the D92s up close, I can say that the 120Hz refresh and the faster response time offer quite an improvement (as in a decrease in motion blur). We’ll get one in soon for test.

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