Sharp Gets BIG

The first item on the menu at Sharp's box luncheon/press conference may have been a deli sandwich, but the first item on Sharp's menu was a new, 108", 1920x1080 LCD display. Our TV is bigger than Your TV hits a new high! No price was announced. As I glanced into the room following the press conference I saw a dozen workmen standing around, either figuring out how to pack it and move it (presumably for transport to the convention center) or how to pick up the NFL playoffs.

Sharp is apparently bringing some of the same future technologies to the show that I reported on in my report from the 2006 CEATEC in Japan (the show floor is not yet open as I write this). These include a 65" LCD with a reported contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1 (aimed primarily at the pro broadcast market when it becomes available, though you know some well-healed consumers will just have to have one). They also said they will show their (approximately) 4K x 2K LCD display—again aimed at the pros.

For you and me, however, Sharp announced its new flagship 1080p Aquos LCDs, the 92-series, in 42-, 46- and 52- and 65-inch sizes. Featuring Sharp's new Advanced Super View panel, the Dynamic Contrast ratio for this line is said to be 15,000:1. To improve motion performance Sharp is also using a 120Hz frame rate. MSPR will range from $3499.99 for the 42" LC-42D92U (April) to $5299.99 for the LC-52D92U (shown, available this month, January 2007). The 65" LC65D93U will ship in March for $10,999.99. There will also be a new, slightly less expensive 82-series (46- and 52-inch only), new 720p models, and 32- and 37-inch 1080p models aimed at the video gamer.

Finally, a Blu-ray player is expected from Sharp in the spring, at $1199.99.