Sharp Showcases "Beyond 4K" 80-Inch UHDTV

Sharp’s 4K UHD lineup consists of three ranges, with a (claimed) wider selection of truly big screens than any other company. Sharp also showed a Super Slim UHDTV, less than ½ inch thick.

At the top of the new Sharp 4K models is the company’s “Beyond 4K” set. While this 80-inch model has no more red, green, and blue subpixels than any other UHD set (it’s still 3840 x 2160 design), it adds Sharp’s Quattron technology. The latter, a process that Sharp has been using in its TVs for several years, adds a yellow subpixel to the red, green, and blue subpixels in each full imaging pixel.

Sharp argues that this produces more picture detail, although the signal driving the yellow subpixels comes from a combination of the existing the red and green channels in the input source (there’s no yellow color channel in any present or planned HDTV or UHDTV system, only red, green, and blue). They also state that this set can produce 100% of the DCI color gamut (but note the discussion in my LG report on the use of wider color gamuts with current HD and UHD sources).