Serious Mount Options From Sanus

Two of the biggest TV trends happening at CES are higher-than-HDTV resolution and ultra-large screens. According to Sanus, both those trends mean that heavier-duty-than-normal mounts will be required to deal with the increased weight of the larger, higher-rez screens.

For CES, the company put together a display of its most capable mounts, grouping them under the banner “Installer’s Favorites.” These models have what it takes to secure heavyweight displays with screen sizes up to 90 inches to a living room wall. Another trend, curved screens, is something that Sanus says it’s working on, though the lack of VESA-compatible inserts on most curved sets—Samsung’s 2014 models excepted—has made the design of universal mounts for curved displays problematic. Pressed further on the issue, a Sanus rep I spoke with said that his informal poll of experts at the show led him to believe that curved screens are a fad that will soon blow over. Wishful thinking? We’ll see.