Sennheiser Debuts HD1 In-Ear Wireless Headphones

Congratulations on waking up from that 10-year coma. Big yawn. While you were sleeping, wireless in-ear headphones became a thing. Actually, they are now a big thing. The HD1 joins Sennheiser’s Momentum lineup as one of the newest offerings.

The HD1 uses an around-the-neck premium design tailored for comfort and looks. It is built with deluxe materials including custom-machined stainless steel ear-canal sound tunnels, mirror chrome detailing, and a sheepskin nappa leather neckband. Clearly, this is a premium headphone, and not suitable for sports and sweating.

From a tech standpoint, it features Bluetooth 4.1 and AAC codec support, as well as Qualcomm aptX support. Battery life is rated at 10 hours; charging time is 1.5 hours. The neckband integrates a 3-button remote and microphone. The unit also allows connection of up to 2 devices at once, so you don’t have to hassle switching between your phone and tablet. The headphone also accomodates 3-way calling.

Also onboard: NFC one-touch Bluetooth pairing, voice prompts to notify of pairing status and to provide battery life warnings, a vibration alert for incoming calls, and support of USB audio with USB charging.

Ear adapters of four different sizes are provided for optimized fit in the ear canal, to improve both comfort and attenuation of ambient noise. A carrying case is included.

The HD1 will retail for $200 and will be available later in January, or as soon as the boat arrives.