Seen at CES: The New Goodies

I hate to say it, but there were no real “wow” things this year. What gear and gadgets caught my eye? These items:

Lytro, a light-field camera. It takes every possible light angle, meaning that focus happens after the picture is taken. You’ll never have a blurry picture ever again, as everyone will always be in focus.

• Numerous services and apps vying to manage your media accounts — too numerous to mention all the names here, really. Pretty much everyone was talking about the cloud and trying to figure out the best way to use it.

Swiss Army’s 2TB thumbnail drive (that’s a ton of space!) is super fast. And, of course, it has scissors and a little knife.

The Origami folding stroller, complete with running lights, LEDs, and a charger for your phone. Push a button to open and close it automatically. It was actually very cool.

Sphero, a motorized ball that you control with your phone. (I bet it’s great for making your pets crazy.)

Safe Key lets you track your kids while they drive and see if/when they speed. It has a place to blow into to check your blood-alcohol level. If you fail, you can’t start the car.

Autom, a robotic weight-loss coach that you can speak to/ with. It tells you what to eat and how much to exercise.

AGloves, gloves that work well with touchscreens. They’re laced with silver particles, which are excellent conductants. I bought a pair, and they work great!

The Power Bag, a backpack that can charge your phone.

Biscotti, a videoconferencing camera that attaches to your TV. Very affordable at around $200. Great for talking to your kids at college — if they answer, that is....

More goodies, plus my thoughts on OLED TVs and the scores of headphones I saw, can be found in the iPad edition of this issue. Hmm, what should I review next...