Savant Brings Personalization to Automation

While the company teased the launch of its new app at CEDIA this past September, the new Savant app is now fully released and they’re real and they’re spectacular! Savant has always been known for a system that utilizes gorgeous graphics and the new app definitely doesn’t disappoint in this regard. Beyond just being a pretty face, the new app places a level of personalization, power and adjustment into the hands of the end-user like never before.

Savant told me that automation is about personalizing a home, but that has always required a dealer visit to come out and update any changes and personalize things for the homeowner. Things as simple as adjusting the level of lights in a scene or adding a favorite channel would require a truck roll. These visits are not only costly, they can be frustrating for both the dealer and the user.

With the new Savant app, users can quickly and easily personalize the system in a variety of ways. Scenes can be created and then named and assigned a picture that the user takes themselves. Thus the living room can feature an image of the owner’s actual living room and a “kid’s party” scene could have a family photo. Scenes can also be easily and quickly created by holding a scene button and taking a “snapshot” of the entire home. For example, get the lighting, shades, temp and music mood around the home exactly the way you like and then lock in that feel and recall it instantly at any point in the future at the press of a button! Once a new scene is created or updated, it is instantly pushed out to all other control devices in the house, keeping everything in sync.

The new app also adds swipe gestures making it much easier to control things like a DVR guide without having to keep looking down at a screen. This also marks the first time that Savant has produced an app for Android as well as iOS devices. The new app is free to Savant owners running Runtime software 7.0 or newer.