Samsung UN65JS9500FXZA LCD Ultra HDTV Review Specs

Dimensions (WxHxD, Inches): 57.1 x 33 x 4.9 (without stand); 57.1 x 36.1 x 14.9 (with stand)
Weight (Pounds): 71.2 (without stand); 78.3 (with stand)
3D Glasses: Active, 1 pair included, extras $20 each (SSG-5150)
Video Inputs: HDMI (4), component video (1, shared with adapter), composite video (1, shared with adapter), RF (Antenna)
Audio Inputs: Stereo analog
Other: EX-Link, USB (3: 1/USB 3.0, 2/USB 2.0), LAN, IR out, MHL on HDMI 3, Audio Return Channel on HDMI 4 (with compatible AVR)
Audio Outputs: Optical digital (Toslink), stereo analog (with adapter
Price: $4,200 (updated 2/2/16; price was $6,499 when reviewed)

Company Info
(800) 726-7864

(800) 726-7864

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Hi Tom, thanks for the excellent review as always. In your opinion, does the curved screen exacerbate the off-angle viewing problems? Did you experience any other positive or negative effects of the curved screen?


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GREAT REVIEW! My understanding from Samsung is that if you set the COLOR SPACE setting to "native", then all non-HDR content displayed will be upscaled to high dynamic range, i.e., the wider color gamut. You seemed to recommend doing that but then you don't! What's your experience if i set my COLOR SPACE to "native" for all content? Thanks

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I'm considering purchasing a Samsung BD-J7500 3D 4K upscaling Blu-Ray Player to integrate with my Samsung JS9500 SUHD TV. Is it better that the TV do upscaling to 4K for DVD's & Blu-Ray discs, or the Blu-ray Player? Or is it best that both devices perform the upscaling concurrently as i don't believe you can defeat the 4K upscaling feature on the TV? If the TV is best on its own to perform upscaling, then can the 4K upscaling feature on this Blu-Ray player be defeated? Thanks again.

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Curved screen = marketing gimmick = extra cost = no thank you