Samsung Throws its New OLED TV a Curve

Samsung claims to be showing the world's first curved OLED TV, but there seems to be some dispute about that (see "LG Throws a Mean Curve, Too"). Nevertheless, you'll see flat OLEDs in Vin's Video Barn before you see curved ones. Exactly when we'll see the flat versions remains a question mark. LG has starting to sell them in Korea either now or claims it will do so shortly, but the US availability date will be later. Samsung claims in June of this year or later. Expect prices between $10,000 and $12,000 for the only size anticipated for now: 55-inches (Sony's 56-inch OLED model does not have a delivery date). How $10k-plus price tags will stand up in the market against the increasingly cheaper big-screen designs remains to be seen.

One thing is certain: OLED can trump any current display technology in a wide range of important performance parameters. The off-axis performance and black-level quality comes through in this photo, even on your lower-black-level computer screen