Samsung Speakers Cut the Cord

Samsung’s yet-to-be named new wireless speaker has a distinctive football-like shape. On second thought, it looks like a coffee percolator. Whatever—the important thing is that the design is a big improvement over the company’s first-generation wireless speakers.

The new wireless speakers come in three sizes and can stream music via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The model shown here—the smallest in the lineup—is portable, with a rechargeable battery. Larger models in the line need to connect to AC power. An acoustic lens similar to the one used in B&O speakers provides omnidirectional sound dispersion, though to get stereo you’ll need to pair the speakers up.

Samsung’s Multiroom app is used for setup and for streaming music from your PC or from online sources like Spotify and Pandora. It also provides Sonos-type features such as the ability to stream simultaneously to 30-plus speakers for whole-house audio, or routing multiple sources to separate zones.

No pricing info was given, though Samsung expects to ship the speakers sometime in late 2015. It also wasn’t clear what finishes would be available, though Samsung’s CES display showed models decked out in wood, matte metal, and chrome.