Samsung Smart Content

One of the most important themes from CES this year is the continuing development of Internet-delivered content, which is quickly maturing into a viable alternative to cable and satellite. For example, the ES7500 LED-LCD TV (shown here), ES8000, and other premium Samsung TVs provide Smart Content, which offers over 1400 apps from providers such as CNBC Real Time, ESPN ScoreCenter, Hulu Plus, MTV Music Meter, Netflix, and Time TV. New apps in 2012 include Bravo, Technicolor M-Go, and The Daily as well as Media Hub, which was previously available on Galaxy S smartphones and Galaxy Tabs. This powerful app offers a diverse selection of movies and TV shows the day after they air as well as past seasons of the shows; some movies are available the same day they are released on DVD and Blu-ray.

Another important new app in the Samsung suite brings Verizon FiOS live TV directly to its Smart TVs and Blu-ray players. This app allows FiOS subscribers to watch 26 live TV channels and access more than 10,000 video-on-demand titles through Verizon's Flex View service without the need for a set-top box. Also provided is a full web browser.

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Hey Guys, I really love your content, but could you do me a favor and not put a "Continue Reading" link at the bottom of every post if there isn't anything to actually continue reading? All of the unnecessary click-throughs are frustrating. Thanks

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I did not see the link so maybe the fixed the problem, Fios is amazing but don't you think that the Samsung Smart UI is way to old looking I mean it looks awful.

Of the two main Samsung or LG you almost have to pick LG just because that Samsung UI is an eyesore.