Samsung Adds Second, More Affordable 98” 4K TV to 2024 Lineup

Samsung today added a second 98-inch 4K TV to its 2024 lineup but this one costs $11,000 less than the 98-inch QN90D Neo QLED set announced earlier this year.

Priced at $4,000, the new DU9000 is now the top model in Samsung’s entry-level Crystal series of LED-backlit LCD 4K TVs, which also includes eight models ranging from a 43-inch set that sells for $330 to an 85-inch model priced at $1,200. The current Samsung TV lineup also includes two 98-inch models that carry over from 2023: the QN990C Neo QLED 8K model ($5,000 but selling for $3,000 as of this writing) and the Q80C QLED 4K model ($7,000).

One of the main factors in the price difference between the DU9000 and QN90D models is the use LED backlighting instead of the much smaller mini-LEDs used in the QN90D, which are deployed in greater numbers and with more local dimming zones to increase contrast and brightness. The QN90D also has more sophisticated image processing and uses microscopic particles called quantum dots (the Q in QLED) to enhance brightness and expand the range of colors (a.k.a. color gamut) the TV can produce, both of which contribute to its higher price tag.

As screens increase in size so do the pixels that make up the image. To compensate for this, the DU9000 employs Samsung’s Supersize Picture Enhancer technology, which is said to optimize picture quality for the larger screen size by reducing pixel distortion and increasing sharpness.

The TV supports HDR10+ high dynamic range (HDR) and includes the new, redesigned 2024 version of Samsung’s Tizen OS smart TV platform featuring a fresh layout and the ability to create multiple viewer profiles to bring a more customized experience and personalized recommendations to different members in a household.

Other key features include AI-powered 4K upscaling, three HDMI inputs (one with eARC), and several gaming features, including a 120-Hz refresh rate, Game Bar mode for a more expansive gaming experience with 21:9 and 32:9 aspect ratios (where supported), and Auto Low Latency Mode (ALLM) to reduce input lag for smoother gameplay. The DU9000 also includes Samsung’s Q-Symphony feature, which synchronizes TV sound with compatible Samsung soundbars and wireless speakers.

In January, Hisense launched the $5,000 U76N 4K TV, featuring a 100-inch screen, LED full-array local dimming, and quantum-dot color.

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