Samsung Adds New Ultra-Large Screen Sizes to its 2024 MicroLED Lineup

Looking for the best of the best in TV? Samsung today announced three new ultra-large screen sizes for its flagship 2024 MicroLED TV lineup.

Pricing for the new 89-, 101-, and 114-inch MicroLED models starts at $110,000 (yes… 110 grand), owing to the fact that these TVs represent the pinnacle of modern display technology — one that uses microscopic light-emitting diodes LEDs to radiate more than 8 million points of light. Not to be confused with mini-LED technology, which is now widely available at affordable prices, you might think of microLED as OLED on steroids, where each individual pixel is driven directly by its own microLED.

With a sleek, frame-less design that screams “high-tech,” each new models is engineered to fit flat against the wall and employs Samsung’s advanced Micro AI processor to control all of those microLEDs with great precision to deliver bright images with lifelike color, incredible detail, texture, and dimension.

Another one of the many features Samsung offers on these sets is 3D Arena Sound, featuring Dolby Atmos decoding plus the ability to track on-screen action and separate dialogue from background noise for a more realistic and immersive movie experience.

The gigantic screens can also be put to good use with a 4Vue feature that lets you display four programs at once and the ability to tap into world-renowned galleries made available through the Samsung Art Store to transform the screen into a vast canvas when it's not in use.

For more on Samsung’s MicroLED technology, visit

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Would 114 inches fir through a doorway? Around a tight corner? If I have to knock out a wall to get it to fit, kind of adds to the cost.

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