Samsung Adds Depth

Samsung’s new Auto Depth Enhancer, on its 9000 and S9 Ultra HD sets, analyzes different areas of the screen and adjusts their contrast separately to provide a greater illusion of depth with 2D sources. In a side-by-side comparison with one of Samsung’s 2013 sets, it definitely worked. There was a bit of the cardboard cutout 3D look, but since the depth enhancement, while appealing, was subtle, this wasn’t bothersome.

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I don''t think I want the source material re-imagined by the monitor. Artificially enhancing aspects of the image to what it thinks are appropriate depths is definitely not something I want. I can see plenty of opportunity for misinterpretation by the display, and creating artifacts or effects that could be distracting. Just give me excellent contrast ratios, and the depth will properly take care of itself.

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It doesn't read like it looks as good as Darbee. Seems like a non value added feature to me.