Road Gear: Top Five Mobile Entertainment Milestones

Entertainment in the car has come a long way since the first "fitted" AM radios of 1930. And even back then, a few killjoys wanted to ban in-dash radios for fear of distracting the driver. Thankfully, logic and the love of music prevailed - and with each evolution in mobile entertainment over the past 50 years, drivers and passengers have benefited. Today, it's not just music that drives the innovation in mobile electronics; technologies like GPS navigation and Bluetooth hands-free for mobile phones make being behind the wheel a safer experience, too. But music remains a most excellent cruising companion - still the best way to pass the miles on a long journey. To honor S&V's Golden Anniversary, here are the most significant in-car entertainment trends of the last 50 years, in chronological order. Click on the image above to see a photo gallery.

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