Road Gear: JVC KD-ADV38 Bluetooth DVD/CD Receiver

BLUE WONDER You couldn't swing a cellphone at CES in January without hitting a car stereo with Bluetooth capability. Being able to connect a mobile phone to a head unit wirelessly isn't just a convenience that commuters crave; in many states, hands-free phone operation behind the wheel is the law, not a choice. JVC's KD-ADV38 DVD/CD receiver has built-in Bluetooth and will recognize up to five different phones. With voice-recognition phones, stored numbers can be dialed simply by speaking the name of an entry. Also, text messages can be seen on the faceplate.

PHONES AND ZONES But no one buys a car stereo just to use it with his Bluetooth phone (at least no one I know), so the KD-ADV38 also has lots of audio/video prowess. It can play DVD-Video and DVD-Audio discs, CDs, and MP3, WMA, and WAV files, as well as DivX, MPEG-1, and MPEG-2 video files. Plus, a USB port is on tap for easy importing of digital audio files, and iPod control is available with the addition of an optional adapter. The KD-ADV38 has dual-zone capability, enabling video to be routed to monitors in the rear of the vehicle and audio to headphones - so people in the back seat don't have to hear your hands-free phone conversation. $600 800-252-5722

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