REL Small, REL Affordable

REL introduced three new and highly affordable subs. The smallest, the T3, has an 8" down firing woofer and 8" front firing passive woofer and a built in 150 watt amp. The largest, the T1 (also quite petite by subwoofer standards) doubles the power and brings both drivers up to 10". While I didn't get to hear them, they looked really attractive, especially in cherry wood with black metal (they are available in pure white on white and black ash on black as well). One key feature real "stereophiles" are going to like is that there is both a speaker level input and a line level LFE input and they can both be hooked up simultaneously. REL claims the bass characteristics of your amplifier are better served up in this fashion when listening to stereo than when using an LFE feed, as you would for home theater. Prices range from $500 up to $1000.