Red2Blu May Upgrade in More Ways than One

You've probably heard about Warner's Red2Blu program--Scott Wilkinson covered it in our News section. It enables consumers who bought HD DVDs to upgrade them to Blu-ray versions of the same titles for $4.95 plus shipping charges of $6.95-8.95. What you may not have heard is that the upgrade may result in a standard edition being replaced by a deluxe boxed set. Our colleague (and former convergence editor) Chris Chiarella writes: "If you swap out your Casablanca, you'll actually be upgrading to the crazy-cool Ultimate Collector's Edition. I believe that this fancy boxed set is the only BD version offered in the U.S., and while I was poking around the Warner Red2Blu microsite I clicked on Casablanca and the UCE appeared in my cart specifically, by name." So now you have more than one potential reason to pay the few bucks to go Blu. Sweet deal!

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That box monstrosity can sit in their warehouses forever as far as I'm concerned. I just want a regular BD and jewel case. (That everyone can buy/afford.) Same for all their future monstrosities coming up.(P.S. I read that their might be different artwork and/or packaging, so don't be too surprised if that monstrosity is not what you get.)

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uh... luv this post

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