RBH Brings Out the Heavy Artillery

The sound rooms lining one side of the show floor featured loads of great projection and surround demos (thank you, GoldenEar, Meridian, and Emotiva). Many featured in-walls. One of the few to feature new freestanding speakers in our beat was RBH.

The system featured a pair of the SV831 ($2520/each) which sat atop the SV1212 dual 12-inch sub ($2590/each) flanking the SV821C center ($1900) with SV661W surrounds ($1350/each), SV6500 towers serving as back-surrounds ($4400/pair), and the in-ceiling SI744 for height. Note that Reference versions of these products (with the R designation) cost more.

The sound was confident and dynamic, kind of like being held in the palm of a giant's hand, with excellent imaging and room coverage thanks to the ribbon tweeters.