Quick Flick it and Find Movies You Like With Sony TVs

With Sony’s One Flick Entertainment menu, finding something you want to watch is as easy as flicking back and forth (or up and down) through the list of services. As you land on a service, rather than opening the app to see what’s available to stream, recommended movie titles, new arrivals, and top picks are displayed so you can quickly see if there is something you want to watch. If not, flick to the next service or to a list of live TV shows from your TV provider. The menu bar is docked at the bottom of the screen so it doesn’t interrupt the show you are watching while trying to find something new.

The full page menus work similarly. Navigate through 5 menu categories— Channels (live TV); Movies; Albums (photos); Music; and a full list of apps. The Channel page displays TV shows that are currently airing as well as those recommended titles of shows coming up on the schedule. Because TV is fully integrated with the Sony TV, you can access the cable/satellite guide, shows on your DVR and you can invite friends to join in watching the same program. The Movies page lists streaming movie services and displays a page of recommend, new, and popular titles without opening the app so you can flick and click back and forth between apps until you find what you want to watch. Clicking on a title opens the app to stream the movie.

The Sony TV tracks your viewing habits both in streaming apps and while watching TV. It uses your viewing history to determine which titles are displayed in the quick Flick views.