Q Acoustics Previews Speakers Due Out This Summer

U.K.-based audio specialist Q Acoustics today announced a new series of speakers that builds on its best-selling 3000i lineup.

Due out in August, the entry-level 3000c series comprises a bookshelf speaker, two larger stand-mount models, a center-channel speaker, and a tower model at target prices ranging from $399/pair to $1,099/pair. The models can be mixed and matched for to create a home theater suite that best suit your needs.

The series brings a number of technical refinements into play, starting with a redesigned version of the C3 Continuous Curved Cone driver, a flared cone woofer first introduced in the more upscale 5000 series speakers and the M40 powered “micro tower” speakers. The driver is said to integrate more smoothly with the tweeter while delivering improved bass dynamics and a more accurate soundstage.

All 3000c series models also borrow a design principle found in the brand’s flagship Concept series: The tweeter is hermetically sealed and mechanically isolated from the baffle and midbass driver. The cabinets also incorporate P2P (Point to Point) bracing in an effort to minimize low-end reverberation and help facilitate a more focused stereo image and wider, better-controlled soundstage.

At a glance, the new 3000c models look identical to their 3000i counterparts but closer inspection reveals a classy one-piece trim ring that encircles the drivers; the ring is finished in satin nickel or satin chrome in the case of a white speaker.

The 3000c Lineup at a Glance
All models in the Q Acoustics’ 3000c series are 6-ohm ported designs that use the same 0.9-inch tweeter. The lineup starts with the 3010c bookshelf model ($399/pair), which mates a 4-inch woofer with the tweeter in a compact cabinet only 10 inches tall. The speaker is rated to play down to 60 Hz (–6 dB).

Moving up the line, the 3020c ($499/pair) and 3030c ($649/pair) stand-mount speakers mate the tweeter with a 4.75-inch or 5.5-inch woofer, respectively, in a cabinet that stands 11 or about 13 inches tall. Corresponding low-frequency ratings are 60 Hz and 48 Hz (–6 dB).

The 3050c tower ($1,199/pair) distinguishes itself with two 5.7-inch woofers situated above and below the tweeter in a cabinet featuring low-profile speaker binding posts to ease placement near a wall and an aluminum stabilizing base with adjustable spikes on the outside and Helmholtz Pressure Equalizer tubes on the inside. The purpose of the tubes is to disrupt the build-up of standing waves in an effort to smooth frequency response and reduce distortion. The 3050c stands just over 40 inches (with base) and is rated down to 42 Hz (–6 dB).

Rounding out the line with arguably the most important speaker in a home theater setup is the 3090c center-channel model ($399), with two 4-inch woofers flanking the tweeter in cabinet 17 inches wide.

With the 3000c series, Q Acoustics is introducing four new finishes: light Pin Oak, dark Claro Walnut, and satin white or black.

Stands for the 3010c/3020c and 3030c speakers will be available in black or white for $239/pair and $269/pair, respectively, along with a wall bracket for the 3090c ($32.50)

Q Acoustics will offer also two 5.1 home theater bundles anchored by four 3010c bookshelf speakers or a pair of 3050c floorstanders (front) and a pair of 3010c speakers (rear); each bundle will include a 3090c center speaker and the slim, rectangular 3060s powered subwoofer ($549) offered in the existing 3000i lineup. Pricing will be announced in August when the 3000c series becomes available.

The company also announced that is replacing the EPS (expanded polystyrene) currently used for packing with recyclable egg crate packing. For more information on Q Acoustics, visit qacoustics.com.

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