Q Acoustics Flat Panel TV Speakers Pack a Punch

I always like going to the NXT suite during CES to see what new things they've cooked up. The three-room suite is filled with a variety of current, brand new, and concept products utilizing NXT's slim and flat transducer technologies. One of the most interesting items was a 2.1 flat-panel TV add-on speaker system from Q Acoustics. The Q-TV2 attaches to the rear of the TV chassis and can be used whether the set is on a stand or wall-mounted. The subwoofer is around an inch thick, and the slender side speakers are mounted on arms that can be adjusted to match the width of the TV. The system accepts analog or digital audio from the TV and has boundary compensation circuitry for use when the system is up against a wall.

It's a clever idea, and since it gets it's audio straight from the TV, operation is seamless for the user. But most impressive was the sound quality - which didn't make me wet my pants instantly but did cause my jaw to drop. (I'm going to send the dental bill to NXT.) It'll be available within a month or two in the U.S. for $399.