PRO Audio Technology Demos More Compact Over-the-Top Atmos System

PRO Audio Technology brought things down a notch from their normal spectacularly over-the-top demos by showing off an all in-wall/in-ceiling (except for the subs) 9.2.4 Dolby Atmos system that’s slightly more affordable—but still “over the top”. The system consisted of three SCRS-26im “invisible mount loudspeakers”, with each one incorporating two 6-inch woofers and a one-inch compression driver mounted on an elliptical constant directivity horn. The side and rear channels used six SCRS-6im in-wall speakers with the same drivers as the front channels but with a single woofer instead of two. Pro Audio says the SCRS-26im loudspeakers are capable of 114 dB maximum output. The SCRS-6im loudspeakers are capable of a max output of 116 dB.

The four Dolby Atmos height speakers were all SCRS-5iw models, which is PRO Audio’s smallest speaker. It includes high-frequency compression driver mounted on a proprietary elliptical horn with a five-inch woofer.

The subwoofers used for the demo were two LFC-15sm subs, capable of more than 120 dB output. For customers who can’t handle the 12-inch depth of the powerful subwoofer’s cabinet, PRO Audio also makes the LCF-210im that fits in a standard stud—but its 84-inch tall cabinet makes it more appropriate for new construction or complete remodel rather than a typical retrofit install.

This amazingly impressive system was powered by 5,800 watts provided by a stack of PRO Audio’s DMA-1508 and PMA-9900 Class D configurable, DSP-optimized, multi-channel amplifiers.

On static display were PRO Audio’s soon-to-be-released SCRS-6c-ica compact in-ceiling speakers. PRO Audio says the SCRS-6c-ica is ideal for use as a height channel speaker thanks to the off-axis alignment of the six-inch, two-way driver assembly. The grille is eight-inches square, while the integrated back box is six-inches deep. Pricing is tentatively targeted to be $1,000/each when the speakers become available later this year.