Primacoustic Offers Acoustic Kits Starting at $200

When it comes to audio system design, the importance of room acoustics is overlooked all too often. You can put thousands of dollars worth of speakers and electronics in a room with bad acoustics and it’s going to sound like…well, crap. “It’s not about creating an acoustically perfect environment, it’s about getting the right amount of acoustic treatment in the room,” said Primacoustic’s James Wright in an impromptu interview at CEDIA 2013. “You want to get the right amount of absorption into the space, which means treating 20-25 percent of the room.”

Primacoustic has introduced four kits to make the process of enhancing room acoustics as painless and aesthetically pleasing as possible: London 8 for small, 80 square-foot spaces ($199), London 10 for spaces between 100 and 120 square feet ($449), London 12 for spaces 120 to 160 square feet ($749), and London 16 for 200 square-foot rooms ($1,499). Each kit includes between 20 and 42 mottled panels that can be painted or printed with artwork.