Posting Advice

We’ve had a lot of issues recently with posting comments on the blogs (mostly from spammers). Here are a few tips to help make posting easier.

Your first post will probably disappear. Sorry. My advice is to write out your response in Word (then look it over!) then copy (ctrl-c) and paste (ctrl-v) it into the text section.

Remember, it’s 1024 total characters. That includes spaces. Check the end of your post to make sure it didn’t get cut off.

If you have a specific question on something, email me at I’ll answer it a lot quicker there (seriously). Just put “Blog Post Question” or something in the subject line.

If you want to break up your text (please), type “<” then a “p”, then a “>” without spaces or any of the quotes. This will create a new paragraph.

Post early, post often. And be nice, or I will delete you.

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Re: Geoff

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That's the weird part, apparently the primaries are the same as Rec.709. xvYCC uses some crazy math to expand the gamut. Sound confusing? Sure seems that way.

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