Portal Router Improves Internet Speeds in Crowded Areas

If you find that there are dozens of WiFi networks that show up when you go to connect your wireless devices, the Portal Router may be for you. In congested areas, like apartment buildings, dozens of users may be fighting to get an internet signal over the same channel on the same band (either 5 GHz or the extremely crowded 2.4 GHz band). The Portal router offers technology that can move you away from the crowds to get the best internet access possible.

Routers transfer data over specific channels on either the high end or low end of the band’s spectrum. The middle channels are typically reserved. In the case of the 5 GHz band, those channels are reserved for Radar use. Because of Portal’s proprietary automatic channel switching, it is allowed to use these center channels where you can be alone in stream throughout your home network without interference from the neighbors. Sharing the same internet provider with those same dozen neighbors may slow the speed coming into your modem, but the Portal won’t lose any of that speed in your home network due to crowded wavelengths. The Portal runs $179 and is available now.