Polk Is Omni Present

Polk's Omni Collection of DTS Play-Fi devices brings wireless connectivity to surprisingly good-sounding compact audio products, a soundbar, an amp, and a preamp.

DTS Play-Fi is an emerging wireless protocol with incredible versatility and the potential for great sound. Polk showed the new S6 compact speaker ($350, at left), and it sounded pretty credible. It joins the smaller S2 ($180, top right) which now comes with the snazzy new grille designs shown. There's also an S2R horizontal-shaped speaker ($250) with metal grille and antenna for wider range.

The Omni Collection of Play-Fi devices also includes the new SP1 soundbar ($699) which features three 3.5-inch oblong drivers, including a true center channel, inside its compact enclosure. It includes a voice-assist mode to boost dialogue along with bass and treble controls. We dream of a world where all soundbars have bass and treble controls. Also shown was a second soundbar which is not part of the Omni Connection and therefore not Play-Fi savvy. That is the Mag1, a 2.1-channel bar ($299 including sub).

But wait, there's more. If you have other devices crying out to be Play-Fied, check out the A1 amp ($399). It includes a phono input along with optical and analog in, so you can even connect a turntable. There's also a P1 preamp ($299) if you prefer your existing amp. For networking, Polk supports Fusion Research's $1000 box. It's a brave new Play-Fi world.

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