PlayOn's AdSkipper Removes Ads On Hulu and Broadcast TV Streams

PlayOn’s recording feature, PlayLater, now lets you automatically skip commercials when viewing broadcast network streams and Hulu using PlayOn’s AdSkipper feature. Found on many media players, smart TVs, and Xbox One, the PlayOn app can stream from most popular websites. This is useful if your media player doesn’t have apps to play those services found on PlayOn. Its PlayLater add-on, which is now integrated into PlayOn’s server for PCs, records a streaming video in real time. Once downloaded, videos can be watched using the PlayLater app on mobile devices as well as on the PlayOn app for media players and TVs.

The PlayOn AdSkipper records the entire streamed show in real time but will ask if you want to skip the commercials when you play the recording. I’m particularly excited about this feature as previously there was no way to get rid of the numerous commercials that are repeated each commercial break in Hulu TV show streams. A representative of PlayOn explained that the 2013 ruling allowing the DISH Hopper to skip ads was the inspiration for the PlayLater AdSkipper feature.

Adskipper is available now in the most recent update to the PlayOn app that can be downloaded from their website.