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Planar was showing bits of their new line to local dealers today, and I was offered a glimpse (not at the dealers, of the product).

They had a whole line of 1080p LCD monitors, a 37 (PD370 - $2,299 available April), 42 (PD420 - $2,999 available April), 47 (PD470 - $3,999 available May), and 52-inch ( PD520 - $5,999 available May).

Not shown, but discussed, was a new 3-chip 1080p projector that should be available in the spring for around a mere $45,000. Full specs weren’t ready, but expect a very bright image with Minolta lenses, and an external scaler with a Silicon Optix HQV chip inside. This fall there will also be two new 1080p front projectors in the sub-$10k market. More info on all those as I get it.

We got a peak at it at CEDIA, but they’re now discussing for real a 1080p 100-inch in-wall rear projection display. They’re saying around $29k.

They also had on hand their Xscreen which I’ve had a sample of here at the studio for well over a month and have yet to take it out of the crate. Soon, I promise, as it is a really cool idea.

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I can't find in the specs wether these will do 24p displaying. I'm looking for a screen that will do the perfect framerate when playing a blu-ray movie with my ps3.

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I don't believe so. Your PS3 will only output 1080p/60. There are very few displays that are able to display a multiple of 24. Many Pioneer plasmas can do 72Hz, as well as a few projectors that can do 48 Hz. It

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I have been looking at the Planar website for months now. I am interested in the PD520 52" LCD. I would like to know what you thought of the units picture quality / build / features. Does this unit surpass say the XBR3 or Samsung offerings. Please offer any information that you can from your time spent with this unit.Thank you,KT

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