Planar PJs

Planar, the biggest company you’ve never heard of, has really hit the ground running at CEDIA this year. Fresh off their purchase of the fabled Runco brand, Planar showed off several new 1080p projectors.

The low end of the range is the $6,000 PD8120, which has an electronic iris and HQV processing.

Next up is the $7,000 PD8130 which switches out the HQV for Gennum VXP processing and doubles the claimed contrast ratio to 10,000:1.

The PD8150 (shown above) is $9,000, also has Gennum processing, and bumps the contrast ratio to 15,000:1.

The PD8120 should be available in October, with the other two in December.

And if you’re still unsure of the name Planar, the team in charge of their HT business are the same people that put InFocus on your radar. These people know what they’re doing.

More pics after the jump.

This is the PD8120. In the eye of the beholder perhaps…

The PD8130 and 8150 share a chassis.