Pioneer Elite Kuro PRO-141FD Plasma HD Monitor HT Labs Measures

HT Labs Measures

Black: 0.001
White: 33.5
Full-On/Full-Off Contrast Ratio: 33,500:1

The full-on/full-off contrast ratio above (sometimes referred to as the peak contrast ratio, the sequential contrast ratio, or the dynamic range) is about as good as it gets. The black level shown here was the most conservative reading taken. With a black image, you can still see some illumination on the screen, but it is extremely dim and difficult to measure. I took 20 full-screen black-level readings. Eighteen of them measured 0.000, and two measured 0.001—the lowest reading possible with our Minolta LS-100 light meter.

I did use the ISFccc feature, but even without it, the PRO-141FD’s post-calibration color measurements were nearly flawless. The pre-calibration result shown here is for the Mid-Low Color Temp setting. Post-calibration, the result deviates from nearly perfect compliance only at the extreme ends of the brightness range. (The closer the three colors overlap, the closer the result is to the standard D65 white point.) These deviations were too small to be visibly significant.

The white triangle in the pie-shaped CIE chart shows the set’s color gamut in the Color Space 2 setting (Pure mode). It’s a virtual overlay of the ATSC standard (the black triangle, nearly invisible here). The Color Space 1 setting (not shown) was slightly oversaturated.

The HDMI luma (black and white) resolution was exceptional up to the limit of our resolution test patterns in 1080i/p. The chroma (color) resolution was more rolled off on test patterns, but not in a way that clearly affected real-world program material. Component resolution in 1080i and HDMI and component in 720p and 480i/p were all good.

Overscan was zero in 1080i/p (in Dot by Dot—which produces perfect pixel mapping but is not available in other resolutions). At 720p, it averaged about 1.5 percent per side (roughly a 6-percent loss of image area) and in 480i/p about 3 percent (a 12-percent image loss).—TJN

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