Pioneer 1080p

Well, better late then never. Here’s my review of Pioneer’s PRO-FHD1 1080p plasma. It’s probably the best looking flat panel you can by, at least for right now. It’s also $8,000… Impressive none the less. Read about it here.

Check back later this week (or early next) for my review of the LG LH100 (you know, the one that plays Blu-ray and HD DVD). So far it looks great.

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In your review, you state that "The display scales 480i sources well, although some sets do it better. With chapter 2 of The Fifth Element, the professor

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That's kind of a broad question. Taken as a whole, this set probably has the best scaler out there, but it

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I bought a Pioneer 4270 after viewing a variety of HD and SD signals on a number of competing displays - the Pioneer seemed to handle standard cable signals noticeably better than the others, including the Panasonic 42PX60. However, when I brought it home and compared DVDs played on my 5 year Toshiba DVD player and my brand new Oppo 981-HD, it became clear that the Oppo's scaler did a better job than the Pioneer's built in scaler. I'm curious if any HDTV's have built in scalers that can approach the quality of those built into well engineered DVD players. If so, would you consider naming names?

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Again, you seem to still only talking about detail, which is just one aspect of a scalers performance. It

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First, I think you and the staff do some GREAT work! I love the Pioneer Elite series, no doubt about it. But why not just buy the Panny TH-50PH9UK for about $1800-2000 mail order and a good quality external scaler for about $1000? If you were to spend that, you're still a cool $2500-3000 under the Pro, and a decent/good external scaler will be the pants off of anything Pioneer packs internally. I realize that the topic is the Pioneer Pro, but is it really that much better? The 50PH9UK is a GREAT tv and the scaler should give you the hookups this set lacks. Have you reviewed this tv? If not, please do....

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I have a Pioneer Elite Pro-1000HD. How would you compare this older model to the latest and greatest of any make?

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Ok, so I understand there are a lot of factors going into good scaling, but what other 50"+ LCD's have good scalers, i.e. would be among the best for watching SD?

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cmon Greg, please answer the question, you are losing all credibility, how about this, can you tell us which 60" rpt, and which 50"lcd flat panel tv models respectively have the best scaler for watching 480i SD, with re to regards tp moving fuzziness

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It’s probably the best looking flat panel you can by, at least for right now.