Paradigm and Anthem Go Anamorphic for CEDIA Demo

The demo in the Anthem-Paradigm sound room was impressive, using a pair of the new Paradigm Prelude 800F tower speakers (under $2,000/pair) for a two-channel demo and Paradigm’s upscale in-wall (on-wall in this demo) speakers for the AV presentation.

The latter was supported by two of Paradigm’s new X15 Defiance subwoofers ($1,500 each). The electronics were all Anthem and used ARC (Anthem Room Correction) for both demos. While the AV demo was a bit too raucous and loud for my taste (common in CEDIA demos, where subtlety doesn’t sell) it was certainly punchy and dynamic, and the audio demo was exceptional as well (with just the 800Fs and no subs playing; the latter were used only for the AV material).

So why the picture here of Panamorph anamorphic lenses? Because they were used in the demo, along with a Sony VPL-VW885ES 4K projector. While I can’t say the video here was head and shoulders above many other solid demos at the show, it was certainly impressive.

Panamorph no longer uses a sled to move its anamorphic lens into and out of position; it’s now always fixed in place in front of the projection lens. The lenses are pricey: $9,000 for the Paladin DCR (needed if the projector has a horizontal resolution of 4,096, as do the Sony 4Ks and the new JVC 4Ks, the latter a surprise to me). If the projector’s horizontal resolution is 3,840 you can skimp by with the non DCR Paladin for $7,000.