Panasonic ST30 & GT30 Plasmas

As you might imagine, Panasonic is bullish on 3D, claiming that 32 percent of TV sales will be 3D by 2014. And as echoed by many TV manufacturers, demand for Internet-connected TVs will increase dramatically in the coming few years. Panasonic's Viera Cast has evolved into Viera Connect, complete with a Viera Connect Market for apps.

Like Samsung, Panasonic has increased the size of its plasma screens this year—54-inchers grow to 55, and 58 becomes 60. Improved performance includes greater 3D crosstalk reduction, deeper blacks thanks to new louver filters, 30 percent more brightness with new phosphors, and 25 percent lower power consumption. (No mention was made about incorporating more Kuro technology in the new sets.) A total of 27 new models in five lines will be introduced in 2011, including the ST30 series (pictured here on the left), an entry-level 3D model with Viera Connect and Infinite Black 2 panel. ON the right is the step-up GT30 with a thinner bezel than last year and THX certification.