Panasonic and Samsung TVs Now Have a Home Screen

Panasonic and Samsung displayed their line of 2013 TVs that have a home screen. When you first turn on your TV, rather than seeing a live TV show or whatever is connected to that input, a home screen will appear with apps and other options. This feature should put to rest any doubts that our TV watching habits have changed. Instead of simply turning on the TV and watching TV, you'll be offered the option of watching live TV, streaming movies or TV, using a Smart TV app, browsing the web, and so forth.

Both companies demoed a multi-home screen function. Samsung TVs will have five screens. The main screen that includes live TV service, a screen with social apps, a movie and TV screen, a home screen for photos, and an screen that contains all of the downloaded Samsung Smart TV apps.

Panasonic's approach is more personable and customizable. While each screen has a few pre-loaded apps, the rest of the screen's real estate can be populated by apps you add to the page. The lifestyle screen has weather and a calendar. The info page has a web browser, yahoo search, and the Panasonic's support page. The user will be able to add a number of screen by dragging apps to a chosen template. TV models that have a built-in camera will use face recognition to show the TV viewer their individual page.

Yes, the feature can be turned off so you can have the same TV viewing experience you've always had.