Pakedge Believes Everyone Deserves a Solid Network

With more and more connected devices being added every single day, and people increasingly turning to streaming for the TV and movie content, the network has become the most important infrastructure in the system. At the center of the network lies the router; a device most people don’t think about until something like Netflix or Amazon streaming stops working or their WiFi cuts out. The router is mission critical for network performance of all systems of a connected home: automation, A/V streaming, security, even lighting. And Pakedge feels everyone deserves great performance.

Since Control4 acquired Pakedge 18 months ago, nearly two-thirds of dealers have adopted this high performance network solution, and now Pakedge connects tens of thousands of homes. However the company’s previous network offerings have been geared towards higher end projects and carried a price tag that made them difficult to specify on all jobs. To address this gap and to make top-shelf network performance possible on all projects, Pakedge introduced the new WR-1, the company’s first router with Wi-Fi built in. (Other Pakedge solutions require hard-wired wireless access points for Wi-Fi.)

The WR-1 includes four one-Gigabit LAN ports along with a powerfully tuned 5 GHz WiFi antenna for strong WiFi performance. The WR-1’s user interface is also designed for easy and simple setup and configuration. Beyond robust performance and high-speed throughput, the WR-1 includes advanced logging and diagnostic features to help technicians diagnose and troubleshoot any issues that might arise on the network.

Also impressive is that the WR-1 features Pakedge’s BakPak technology built-in which allows the dealer to remotely log in and configure and monitor performance. The WR-1 also features a built-in OpenVPN allowing remote and secure site connection to manage other components on the network. Dealers using BakPak say that it saves an average of two truck rolls per week, saving cost to the customer and allowing more rapid response and correction of network issues.

The WR-1 is available now for $300.

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Pakedge WR 1 router seems like a solid solution to bridge the gap in high performance networks. The integration of OpenVPN for secure remote management is a smart addition for efficient troubleshooting.
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