Oppo gives us a glimpse of their BD player

Oppo Digital is definitely one of our favorite DVD player manufacturers and they gave the show a glimpse of their upcoming Blu-ray player, the BDP-83.

While the player was not a working model Oppo did mention the player will support the full BD profile including BD-Live with onboard storage and Bonus View. The player also supports the SACD format, which is a rarity. Like their recent flagship DVD player, the BDP-83 will feature video processing from Anchor Bay Technologies, the same people responsible for the popular line of DVDO products. Look for coverage on this exciting product from us soon!

Erwin Neuhof's picture

I'm sure there are millions upon millions of Receiver owners as myself that lack HDMI inputs. Therefore, it would be amazing if this Oppo BDP-S83 had the capability of outputting DVD-Audio, SACD and BLU-RAY all through the 7.1 analog output.