Open Backed or Closed? Audeze Announces Both

Audeze, the oft-lauded makers of planar magnetic cans, announced the release of the EL-8, their first more-portable planar magnetic headphones. Soon available in both open- and closed-backed designs, the EL-8 are designed as a way to get the Audeze sound in a more affordable price and as well as transportable format. I got a chance to listen to both the open and closed backed designs on the CES show floor, and from the brief tests I could run, they lived up to the Audeze name. Of course, a busy conference showfloor isn’t the place to test audio, so I’ll just have to get a pair in to test them out fully at home.

In terms of looks, the EL-8 also fit into the Audeze family well. The earcups have a similar wood veneer as the LCD collection, but a smaller earcup diameter. Also notable is the EL-8 30 ohms impedance, which means that while you may prefer the sound of the Audeze through a headphones amp, the EL-8 can still be easily powered by your mobile device alone.

The EL-8 will be available soon at for $699