Opalum Enjoys a Cool BREEZE

Scandinavian speaker maker Opalum showed off the company’s chameleon-like BREEZE.1010 digitally amplified on-wall speakers. The design of the new speakers is very similar to Opalum’s FLOW.1010; but, in a addition to the incorporation of a slightly less costly set of 10 two-inch drivers aligned in two parallel columns along the front of the speaker baffle, the BREEZE.1010 uses high-density felt faceplate panels that can be quickly interchanged (Opalum says in less than one minute) without tools. The BREEZE.1010 ships with Grey faceplates, but Lime Green, Magenta, And Mélange White options will also be available.

I reviewed the Opalum FLOW.1010 on-wall speaker system earlier this year. I loved the overall design and sound; and, although the required HUB containing the processing, power supplies, connectivity jacks, and input switching looked great, it had some quirks in the way it operated. The BREEZE.1010 model comes with Opalum’s revised HUB II. The updated HUB II comes with a bigger power supply, Bluetooth (with aptX) connectivity, RS-232 and IR compatibility, and IR coding for use with universal learning remotes and automation systems. A rather unusual feature of the new HUB II is that it incorporates “mixed audio inputs for greater ease of use and adaptability.” If I understand the new design correctly, all the inputs are always on, which means you don’t have to switch between inputs. Instead, you only turn on (or start) the source you want to listen to. Unlike auto-switching inputs, the mixed inputs will play a blend of the audio from two or more sources simultaneously if those sources are outputting audio at the same time.

Exact pricing and availability were not announced.