Toshiba announced a major expansion of its REGZA LCD flat panel line for 2007, and a number of new performance enhancing features to be employed throughout the broad line. Why, you ask? While projection TV overall is in decline, LCD sales were boasted as being up 132% and anticipated to climb in 2007.

Toshiba will have 720p REGZA models starting at 26" and going as big as 42" in stores by March. These sets will feature three HDMI inputs and Toshiba's DynaLight dynamic backlighting for improved blacks and contrast. DynaLight adjusts the backlight level dynamically depending on the brightness in the incoming source, much like the dynamic irises appearing in some front and rear projection sets. Toshiba claims the blacks are deeper and contrast much greater in the panels using this technology.

The HL167 series REGZA sets go to full 1080p, and feature three HDMI inputs with CE-Link control, a feature that allows users to control connected HDMI components through the TV. These also feature DynaLight, and ColorBurst technology for a wider color gamut. HL167 series sets will debut in March in sizes of 42", 47" and 52", a new screen size for Toshiba.

The LX177 Cinema Series sets are also 1080p, and to the features above adds three HDMI 1.3 inputs, and Toshiba's ClearFrame 120Hz technology. ClearFrame interpolates correct frames from the typical 60Hz signal without inserting black frames or inverse gamma frames, so Toshiba claims there is no loss of brightness or flicker inherent in their process. In addition to 42", 47" and 52" models, Toshiba is pushing the boundaries with a 57" model, its largest yet. These sets are targeted for June and July of this year.