New Speakers From PSB

The replacement for the long-running PSB Stratus series should be available soon. Tentative named the T7 Series (the name Stratus may or may not be dropped), it includes multiple woofers (in the larger models), cabinets of extruded aluminum and wood, and the innovative engineering we have come to expect from PSB.

The model shown is the top of the line. The three displaced, 6.5" woofers minimize a number of problems, including floor bounce, not to mention providing a low frequency extension said to be lower even than the venerable Stratus Gold. It is expected to sell for around $4500 when it debuts later in the spring, with smaller models coming in for less. The larger of the two center channel speakers is PSB's first three-way center design with the midrange and tweeter vertically oriented between the two woofers.