New Products - Sept. 2001 Page 4


Given the expanding world of high-definition TV (HDTV), it's a good idea to keep your options open, and Samsung's SIR-T150 set-top HDTV tuner can help. Once it picks up a signal, the tuner can output it in any of the four common digital TV formats, 480i and 1080i (interlaced) or 480p and 720p (progressive). Connect your HDTV monitor to either the wideband component-video or VGA output, and select the desired format on the back of the tuner. The SIR-T150 also features aspect ratio control and has an antenna signal-strength meter. A universal remote control is supplied. Price: $699. 800-726-7864,

Ambiance Acoustics

Get your home theater squared away with the Ambiance Acoustics HY-V (pronounced "high-five," apparently) speaker system. Five 13 5/8-inch Hyper Cubes and three two-channel processors constitute the hive, with each cube sporting four 4 1/2-inch drivers on each of four sides - for a system total of 80 drivers! Frequency response is rated as 45 Hz to 16.5 kHz -5 dB. Reflections from room walls are said to create a sense of spaciousness, though your home theater will look as if it's been assimilated by a Borg armada from Star Trek. Price: $5,817. 858-485-7514,


Designed to meet the demands of 21st-century audio systems, Tannoy's trapezoidal Dimension speakers will stand out in your home theater. The three floor-standing models use concentric woofers and midrange drivers along with Tannoy's 1-inch SuperTweeter. The paper-cone woofers vary in size, with the largest (12 inches) taking bass frequencies down to 30 Hz. Biwirable terminals with gold-plated connectors and birchwood cabinets further emphasize the elegance of higher Dimensions. Prices: floor-standing, $6,000 to $10,000 a pair; center, $4,000; subwoofer, $7,000. 519-745-1158,