New Product: Velodyne SC-IW In-Wall Subwoofer

FLAT CAT Other subwoofers may laugh at the SC-IW's unconventional design, but installers will love it, since the slim sub (3.4 inches thick) is made to fit perfectly inside a 2 x 4-foot studded wall. The driver module (that's the small part) can fire up or down, with a scoop aiming the bass into the room. All you see is a grille, which can be as small as a 5 x 18-inch plate on your wall. Not bad for something that shakes the whole thing.

BUILDING BASS Whether you're just building a house or retrofitting your listening room, the SC-IW's two-piece design will ease your installation troubles. Just don't forget to connect the separate SC-1250 amplifier ($999). Price: $999 800-835-6396

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