New Product: Sanyo PLV-Z5 LCD Front Projector

HIGH-DEF CRED A nice side effect of everyone going gaga over 1080p displays is that 720p gear is more affordable than ever. Case in point: Sanyo's PLV-Z5 projector, which will fill your wall or screen with 100-inch HD images for less than 2 Gs. It's not last year's parts either: A new iris system and improved LCD panels are said to give you unusually bright images, even in well-lit rooms.

DARK BRAIN The image processor is always a step ahead of what's onscreen, automatically adjusting the picture according to whether a light or dark scene is coming up. So even though the contrast is rated at a questionable 10,000:1, this is still one smart projector. Price: $1,700 888-495-3452

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