New Product: Samsung BD-P1200 Blu-ray Disc Player

BLU CHIP It's a high-def world now, and I hate to break this to you, but DVDs aren't the top dog anymore. To unleash the full potential of that 1080p TV you got for Christmas, you need a player like Samsung's second-generation Blu-ray model, the BD-P1200. The Silicon Optix HQV processor onboard upconverts all video that's not already 1080p for export through the HDMI 1.3 output, complete with multichannel audio. Now that's full service.

BOSS BITS Beyond spoiling you for DVD players forever, the Blu-ray's multimedia features - such as picture-in-picture commentaries and online interactivity (via an Ethernet port) - may have you checking out those disc extras more than ever. Now if only Amazon had more than 250 titles .... Price: $799 800-726-7864

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