New Product: NuVision 52LEDLP 52-inch LED DLP Rear-Projection HDTV

A NEW LIGHT So you think you know the big benefit of NuVision's 52LEDLP TV just from the name, do you? Well, yeah, having an LED "illuminator" instead of a regular lamp will get you better contrast, but did you know you also get a much longer life, full brightness as soon as you turn it on, and less power consumption? And you thought you were just getting a sweet 1080p HDTV.

SHREWD COLORING Since the light engine doesn't need a color wheel (it has individual red, green, and blue LEDs), your screen will never be sullied with any color-smearing "rainbow" effects that people sometimes see on other DLP sets. You know, the ones from the "pre-LED" era. $4,399 877-738-7641

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