New Product: Niveus Rainier Media Center PC

WINDOWS 1080P If you loved Legos as a kid, a Media Center PC will fulfill your need to build stuff in a grown-up, home theater kind of way. Niveus's Rainier, an "entry-level" model in the Summit series, gives you unprecedented tools: an HD DVD drive and an HDMI output capable of feeding your display 1080p video. With the Rainier, your music, HD movies and TV, and photos are all building blocks for you to play with. And, yeah, you can run Word on it (as if you'd want to).

COOL CUSTOMER Those Intel Viiv Core 2 Duo processors can run pretty hot, but, thankfully, the Rainier skips the noisy fan for liquid-filled heat pipes that draw excess warmth out to the aluminum heat sinks on the sides. But please, no slurping. $3,499., 866-258-2929

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