New Product: Escient FireBall FP-1 iPod Dock

HARBORING MUSIC These days, an iPod dock and $3.98 might get you a grande latte at Starbucks, but Escient has a dock model that qualifies as a premium blend. The FP-1 doesn't just stream your iPod music - it completely integrates it into the company's FireBall Music Manager, combining those songs with any tunes you have on servers or PCs. How about that: I think Escient just redefined the jam.

TUNE TORRENT The FireBall's colorful onscreen menus (with album art!) make it easy to pick out songs, which will stream wherever your network goes (yes, even the DRM-protected iTunes ones). When it's time to leave, just grab your fully charged iPod from the dock, don your earphones, and, please, try not to look so smug. Price: $599 800-372-4368

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