New Product: Denon AVR-2307CI A/V Receiver

TRICKS FOR THE TRADE Denon threw that conspicuous "CI" into this receiver's product number to let you know it has some special tricks for custom installers. Trick 1: Source renaming, so your front panel doesn't just have to say "DVD" - call your player "Philips 721" or even "Ralph" if you want. Trick 2: Seamless iPod integration with Denon's optional dock ($129). Trick 3: For XM subscribers, the receiver decodes XM's brand-spanking-new 5.1-channel signals, giving you real surround sound on programming that features it. Trick 4: Upconverting all video for output via HDMI.

FOR AN ENCORE Tricks 5 through 27: Making it all easy to use with the 10-component backlit remote control. Price: $799 201-762-6500

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