New Product: Canon REALiS SX60 Front Projector

MULTITASKER Although described as a "multimedia" projector, Canon's REALiS SX60 has a Home Cinema mode for when you want images to pop. Its rated 2,000:1 contrast ratio means nice, deep blacks, and the 1,400 x 1,050-pixel resolution is more than enough for 720p HDTV. Since the light engine is LCoS-based, you can say goodbye to any of the screen-door effects (faint lines between pixels) you sometimes see on its LCD brethren.

SUPERFAN At just 27 dB, noise from the cooling fan will never rise above a whisper. And if you ever need to pack up the projector in a hurry, the fan stays on even after you unplug it - no melting allowed! Price: $5,999 800-385-2155

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